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Armadale is a suburban district that lies approximately seven kilometres south of the main business district of Melbourne. As of the national census that was taken in 2011, this town is said to have a population of just under nine thousand inhabitants. This suburb is named after a town in Scotland of the same title, as one of its earliest residents hailed from that location. Armadale was officially opened as a municipality in 1884 with the inception of its first post office. Around this time, a railway station was also added, thus allowing for a greater influx of residents from Melbourne and the surrounding areas.

While Armadale has considerably less residents than some other areas, this suburb is thought to be one of the most premiere towns in all of the greater Melbourne metropolitan area. This can be particularly noted when travelling through the appropriately-named High Street. This avenue offers residents some of the most fashionable boutique shops as well as various antique dealers.

As with most upscale neighbourhoods, Armadale contains a number of highly prestigious private schools and parks for families to enjoy. Notable locations include Toorak Park, Union Street Gardens and Armadale Reserve.

As mentioned earlier, Armadale is considered to be one of the most desirable and upscale locations in all of Melbourne (and the entirety of Victoria, for that matter). Thus, this suburb is highly valued in the real estate market. Like the majority of neighborhoods that boast a "blue chip" status, Armadale was not as affected from the recent economic downturn as other locales that were heavily reliant on outside investment. Some of the properties located in this town and particularly those that are to be found at or near High Street are quite prized on the real estate market. It is expected that Armadale will continue to represent one of the best residential locations in all of Melbourne.
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