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The town of Bayswater is considered to be a suburban district of Melbourne and as of the most recent census, this location contains just over eleven thousand inhabitants. Although Bayswater was inhabited by Aboriginal tribes for some time, it was not until 1882 that the first post office was incorporated. Seven years later, a railway service was introduced into the area (a part of the large rail service projects that dominated greater Melbourne during the latter half of the 19th century). With the addition of this railway, the population of Baywater began to burgeon.

Growth continued much in the same way; perhaps one of the most notable incidents occurring immediately after the Second World War. A number of Germans had remained in holding facilities such as the Tatura Internment Camp. Upon their release, a considerable portion decided to relocate to Bayswater and the surround suburbs. Thus, there is still a sizable amount of second- and third-generation German families located throughout the township.

Bayswater is what many would consider the prototypical example of a traditional suburban town. It is characterized by standalone homes, residential communities, a thriving retail center and a number of sports venues. One of the most recent major retail projects was the completion of Mountain High Plaza (opened in 2009).

From an outside investment and real estate point of view, Bayswater is considered to be a rather profitable opportunity; specifically for firms and estate agents that cater to the marketing of residential dwellings. Nonetheless, many commercial developers also view this town as having the potential for a greater number of retail outlets in store for the near future.

As the population of Melbourne continues to expand and residents seeks accommodation outside of the city centre, it can be assumed that Bayswater will remain an attractive residential community and a potentially lucrative real estate venture.
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