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Berwick is a suburb of Melbourne, located approximately forty-five kilometres from the central business district of the city. Like many small towns in this region, Berwick boasts a longevity that stretches back into to the middle of the 19th century. Certain structures such as the Berwick Inn and the original schoolhouse reflect the long and interesting history of this area. With a population of just over forty-four thousand inhabitants (as of the 2011 census), Berwick can be considered a rather middle-sized suburban location.

This town also plays host to a number of large retailers, a thriving local shopping district and facilities such as a football pitch and a cricket club. With an area of just over nine square miles (twenty-three square kilometres), Berwick is a rather small district although the surrounding open landscape makes the town ideal for those who enjoy the country. The fact that Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs are privileged enough to offer moderate temperatures throughout the year is another attractive environmental quality of this location.

Berwick is a suburb that is seen as being in average demand in regards to the real estate market. Median housing prices are agreeable and yet not as low as some other locations nearby. This reflects a certain amount of stability when speaking of the demographics to be found; almost twenty-five percent of Berwick residents are considered to be stable families that have resided in the area for some time. The second largest segment is comprised of elderly couples or single residents.

Still, many believe that as the city of Melbourne continues to increase in population, residents seeking more space and peace will venture out to such locations as Berwick to find a residence. Offering a peaceful environment and yet relatively close to the city center, Berwick may be appealing to those who wish to enjoy the stunning Victoria countryside.
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