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The gorgeous seaside town of Brighton is named after the city in England and offers sun worshipers plenty of places to relax and unwind. One of the great things about Brighton is that it is situated just 19kms to the northeast of the city of Melbourne, which offers residents easy access to the big city without having to live in amongst the hustle and bustle.

In fact, it takes less than half an hour to drive into Melbourne’s central business district and there are plenty of public transport options for Brighton residents to make use of. Brighton also boasts a number of good schools including Brighton Grammar School, St Leonard’s College and the excellent Star of the Sea College.

Brighton also boasts plenty of other amenities for residents to make use of. The heart of the town is particularly vibrant and is packed with shops, restaurants and charming buildings. Wandering through the heart of the town is a great way to get a feel for local life in the town of Brighton and the people who live there have a reputation for being friendly and welcoming.

Soaking up the sun on Nudgee Beach is a popular pastime among the residents of Brighton. The waters that lap the sand here are exceptionally cool and clear and this is the perfect place to practice a range of different types of water sports including surfing, sailing and swimming.

A stunning coastal road leads the way out of Brighton and people who take the time to explore will find plenty of scenic spots at which to stop and soak up the scenery. This coastal road is also scattered with charming towns as well as other gorgeous stretches of sand.
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