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With a population of nearly nineteen thousand inhabitants, Cranbourne is a suburb of Melbourne that is located approximately forty kilometres southeast of the city centre. There are numerous townships withing Cranbourne itself and similar to many other suburbs, the earliest history stems back to the middle part of the eighteenth century. Construction was initially difficult due to the massive amounts of swampland in the area. However, this area was eventually drained and thus was available for both farming as well as residential purposes. In modern times, Cranbourne has enjoyed a great deal of urban development in the form of community centres and sports complexes.

One of the most attractive aspects of Cranbourne from a estate agency's point of view is that it contains large areas of open land. Therefore, this suburb is popular amongst families that wish to escape the more urban aspects of central Melbourne. Due to this environment, a great number of outdoor sports can be played. Some examples include lawn bowling, golf, bicycle riding, shooting and horse racing. A motorcycle grand prix is also hosted by Cranbourne on a yearly basis.

One of the aspects of this suburb that is currently being upgraded is its transportation sector . Although rail lines have fallen into disuse and are cosidered too costly to renovate, roads are being extended and public transportation services including buses and trams are being upgraded. This is to aid in local transportation as well as to allow Cranbourne to appear attractive to city dwellers who may be considering a move to a more suburban location.

Housing prices are considered to be at the median level and although the population is not expected to grow exponentially, it is hoped that improvements in infrastructure and a continued interest in outdoor activities will allow Cranbourne to remain appealing throughout Victoria and Melbourne.
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