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Doreen is one of the tiniest villages in all of Australia. In fact, the 2011 census had placed the number of residents at a staggering eleven inhabitants. This town also has been considered the number one region in all of Australia that is known for its complaints in regards to mobile phone reception. Doreen lies approximately twenty-six kilometres northeast of the central business district of Melbourne and is connected to the city by a number of highways. A bus shuttle service will allow commuting between the two locations.

Doreen was originally settled in 1844 and until 1870 it was known as "Hazel Glen". Due to its rather small residential footprint, Doreen is known as exhibiting a diverse selection of wildlife and in particular, a number of unique birds can be found in the rolling hills that define the countryside. While there is a rural nature to the eastern half of the town, the western portion has undergone significant development in recent years.

For example, Doreen now offers three private schools and a number of different retail centres. These include a supermarket, several restaurants, a dentist, take-away catering and a handful of ATM machines. Still, Doreen is considered to be one of the most rural towns in all of Victoria and any major development would only take place with outside investment.

In recent years, there has been a renewed interest in residential development; particularly in the form of housing estates. Due to the wide open spaces, this location also provides for numerous outdoor activities such as golfing, hiking and bicycling. Nonetheless, growth in this area is seen as rather slow from a real estate perspective. It is thought that as the population of Melbourne continues to expand, Doreen may eventually enjoy a burgeoning population that will rival other nearby villages and municipalities.
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