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Furnished apartments for rent in Australia

When buying or renting an apartment, an individual is generally provided with two options: a furnished property or one without any furniture. There are different reasons that a furnished apartment may be chosen. For example, one who has just moved into a new neighborhood from abroad may not have any furniture to use or it may be deemed impractical to transport these items over a great distance. Additionally, the buyer or renter may not have the financial capability to invest a substantial amount of money into completely refurbishing an apartment. These are perhaps two of the most common reasons why one will search for an apartment that is already furnished.

Also, many older couples that move out will opt to leave their existing furniture in place as opposed to simply discarding it or employing the use of a moving company. From a sales point of view, such apartments are normally offered as-is.

Furnished locations are particularly popular amongst the younger generation of renters such as university students. In fact, this is perhaps the largest market in many parts of the world for such properties. However, there are many levels of the word "furnished" in the real estate industry. This term can include all of the normal amenities that are expected to be found or instead, it can be defined as only a few basic furnishings. In general, an apartment advertised as furnished should not be assumed to have domestic appliances included in the package; a separate enquiry should be made in regards to this option.
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