Houses with garden for rent

Houses with garden for rent in Australia

Homes with an outdoor garden are considered to be some of the most attractive properties on the marketplace. Often encountered in suburban and rural locations, homes that have a garden included represent the ideal middle-class living situation (in the opinion of many). Popularized in the postwar years between 1950 and 1970, these locations are quite attractive for those who have families and the financial capability to enjoy the amenities offered.

Houses with a garden can either exist as standalone properties or instead be included as part of a larger housing complex. In fact, such residential complexes are quickly becoming the common way to live in a suburban environment. These estates can take up hectares of land and in some cases, each home can enjoy a substantial amount of property to itself.

Naturally, homes with a garden are ideal for young families who have children or those with pets. Also, these locations are much more private than apartments or houses that are contained within an urban environment. Some of the most exquisite properties offer acres of land, forests, rivers and massive amounts of undeveloped land. By obtaining the proper planning permission, this land may also be built upon in the future.

It only stands to reason that houses with a garden will present themselves as more expensive than those without. Depending on the size of the land, the location and planning permission, these gardens can add substantially to the price of renting or purchasing a house. However, this land is also quite valuable from a real estate investment point of view, for it will likely accrue further value with age.
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