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A house is perhaps one of the most common structures on earth; the history of these dwellings stretching back for thousands of years. So, the term "house" is very likely to be one of the first and most rudimentary words that had entered into common human linguistics. However, by no means is this a simple term. On the contrary, a house can be defined as a structure that contains only a single room while it can also signify a massive complex that contains dozens of rooms and other accommodations.

Generally speaking, one of the stipulations of a house is that it must represent a standalone property; that is, it cannot be connected to other residential dwellings (such as could be the case with shared structures such as condominiums or apartments). A house will also boast some type of property attached to it (although in urban settings, this space can be severely limited or may not exist at all).

Some of the benefits that a house can offer will include privacy from society and other neighbors. A house may also provide a higher level of security than would a dwelling located in an apartment complex. It is for these reasons that in regards to real estate, a house is one of the most popular choices regarding living accommodations. Also, these attributes tends to allow houses to be priced much higher than apartments and other communal spaces that boast a similar amount of living space.

These are some of the most defining characteristics of a house.
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