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The term "villa" actually originates from as far back as the Roman Empire. A villa was originally defined as a country house that was primarily the residence of upper-class citizens. Since then, this terminology can still be used to represent this type of property, although the overall term "villa" now signifies any residence that is detached or semi-detached from a mainstream community. As opposed to a cabin or a home, a villa tends to be seen as a rather large structure and it is often times surrounded by a substantial amount of wilderness; perhaps located kilometres away from urban or suburban centers.

While not as familiar of a term in the United States, villas are quite common in England and throughout Europe. When many think of what a villa encompasses, images of France, Spain, Portugal and Italy may come to mind. In truth, this term is now much more widespread throughout the whole of the region although specific emphasis is still placed upon those that are located in the Mediterranean basin.

These standalone homes can serve many purposes. They can represent a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of city life for a retiree. A family may purchase a villa as a summertime vacation home. Others may simply view a villa as an excellent real estate investment, as their value will tend to accrue over time.

Regardless of the reason that one wishes to purchase or rent a villa, these properties can certainly prove to be some of the most luxurious and rustic destinations in the entire real estate market.
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