Penthouses with terrace for sale

Penthouses with terrace for sale in Australia

Penthouses are known to be some of the most expensive dwellings in urban areas. A penthouse is generally located on the top floor of s high-rise apartment building, but even a four- or five-story structure can boast a penthouse as its top floor. In the more premiere complexes, such a residence will even have a private elevator that can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

Penthouses will contain all of the normal amenities that are found in a standard apartment, but with the addition of a handful of others. These may include but are not limited to: a) A fully equipped bar. b)A large entertainment center. c) A "his" and "hers" bathroom. d)A built-in jacuzzi or small swimming pool. e)An open-air terrace.

In particular, penthouses with a terrace are seen to be some of the most luxurious. These terraces can serve a number of purposes. A terrace can be an excellent venue for hosting exclusive parties. It can double as an outdoor cooking and sunbathing area during the summer months. Furthermore, many of the most well-planned terraces will offer spectacular views of an urban or suburban landscape.

While penthouses themselves are considered to be quite expensive, those that offer the added bonus of a terrace will likewise be priced significantly higher. Due to their rather exclusive status, penthouses with terraces tend not to lose their value, even when the real estate market is seen to slump due to prevailing economic conditions. These are some of primary characteristics that allow penthouses which offer a terrace such popularity amongst upper class individuals.
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