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A warehouse is traditionally a structure that is meant to store a sufficiently large quantity of physical goods. These properties can range in size from a few hundred square metres to a few thousand or even tens of thousands of square metres. In fact, some of the largest boast literally acres of internal space. As such, warehouses are frequently used alongside business operations as a form of secure storage. Depending on the product, such sites can be climate-controlled, be under high levels of security and may even be hermetically sealed to protect the goods inside.

Warehouses can also be used as public storage centers. Some businesses will advertise these services; providing short- or long-term locations for an individual or company to store valuable items. In such a case, the contents are generally ensured against damage or theft. Obviously, the level of protection and the amount of goods that need to be stored will be reflected in the price; monthly rental payments being the most common form of leasing the space needed.

Another interesting fact regarding warehouses is that there are a good number of properties which have been converted into living spaces. From a real estate point of view, such structures are extremely popular amongst those individuals who wish to enjoy large amounts of space (such as artists, sculptors and painters). However, there are also many vacant warehouses that will eventually either be torn down or purchased by a developer with the intention to renovate the space or convert it into a livable environment.
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