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Hamilton is a rather affluent suburban community that is located seven kilometres from the centre of the lager city of Brisbane, Queensland. It is situated on the northern side of the appropriately-named Brisbane River and is known for its rolling hills and a rather picturesque view of Brisbane itself. As of the 2011 national census, Hamilton is said to have a population nearing five thousand, although this figure has more than likely increased in recent years.

The history of this town began in the latter half of the 19th century; many of the residents of Hamilton at that time including clergymen and well-to-do families. It is for this reason that to this day, Hamilton is considered one of the roots of "old money" in the Brisbane metropolitan area. This is in contrast to the "new money" that has arrived in the city itself as a result of industrialization and commercial expansion.

It is for this reason that many of the well-known Victorian mansions are still to be found in Hamilton and a good portion of these have been carefully restored to reflect the affluent nature of Hamilton. While the historical significance of this town revolves heavily around such aspects, a new terminal designed for cruise ships has recently been erected nearby. This has allowed for further commercial and retail expansion within Hamilton and the surrounding areas.

Of particular interest within the real estate market is the fact that Hamilton residences boast the highest taxable income out of any town in the entire province of Queensland. This allows Hamilton properties to be quite prized within the real estate market. The northern part of Hamilton has also been the site of some major development projects. These locations are expected to be able to accommodate nearly thirteen thousand residents once they are completed in the next few years.
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