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Kensington is a medium- to high-density suburban district located approximately six kilometres from the central business district of Sydney. It represents a rather eclectic mix of residences. For example, the Eastern Suburbs will offer residents rather large and open environments while other areas are well-known for dense housing complexes and commercial residential projects. As it stands in modern times, Kensington boasts a population of just over ten thousand inhabitants (according to the 2011 national census).

As with many suburban regions within the metropolitan area of Sydney, the land that Kensington now occupies was once home to numerous Aboriginal peoples; some placing the figures between fifty and sixty different tribes. In the early part of the 19th century, numerous ex-convicts were given land grants here. The name Kensington is thought to derive from the comparatively well-to-do suburban district of London of the same name.

Currently, Kensington is well-known for its long-standing connections within the racing community. In fact, the Kensington Racecourse was one of the first such venues to have opened in all of Australia. Many modern local racetracks cater to this popular sport and they have contributed substantially to the economy over the years.

Notwithstanding the racing industry, Kensington is also home to the University of New South Wales. This allows for a rather young population to be found within many districts of the city. This commercially-oriented population has also allowed a retail and commercial district to thrive in the city center. In turn, valuable revenue has been generated that has helped further this area's growth.

There are numerous housing and residential estates planned for the future, as is the refurbishment of many existing apartment structures. Thus, Kensington represents a moderately lucrative market for continued development. As with many towns located near major universities, it is imagined that younger families will continue to seek residence here.
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