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Although many may be unaware of the fact, the suburb of Kingston is actually the most populous and oldest region within the entire metropolitan area of Canberra. Its name is derived from Charles Kingston. This personage was a minister in the Australian Commonwealth government. Located just under four kilometres from the major urban center of Canberra, Kingston currently has a population of just over four thousand inhabitants. While this may seem rather diminutive in comparison to other metropolitan areas, it should be noted that the density located here equates to roughly one thousand eight hundred residents per square mile.

Although the region was inhabited by local peoples for untold centuries, it was not until 1922 that Kingston was incorporated. This area was first defined by containing a football and a cricket club. These locations still stand and they serve as a reminder of Kingston's iconic past as a popular sports venue outside of Canberra itself. Naturally, urban sprawl during the first portion of the 20th century led to numerous housing estates to be built around the area. However, many of these structures were only temporary wooden cottages (or bungalows). These are all but gone; now having been replaced by brick and mortar buildings.

Kingston is also noted for its numerous development projects. The most recent of these is known as the Kingston Fourshores. Most developments are slated to attract medium- to high-income families and thus will be priced accordingly. This is but one example of the numerous suburban renovation projects that are intended to market Kingston as an exclusive living community.

From the perspective of a realtor or a potential homeowner, Kingston is one of the most respected and attractive investment opportunities to be found within the Canberra region. As this development will continue into the future, the value of this market will similarly rise.

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