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Mornington is a quaint, seaside town located approximately forty-five kilometres outside of the central businesses district of Melbourne. It was originally founded in 1850 and since then, it has been known primarily for its swathes of pristine beaches and rather tranquil atmosphere. While it has a rather meager population in comparison to many of the other locations that are situated around Melbourne, Mornington has actually benefited from this village-like impression, for many tourists will frequent this location during the summer months to enjoy a peace and relaxation that may not be found in the city centre of Melbourne.

Staying true to its rather village-like roots, Mornington is particularly known for its numerous shops and cafes as well as a fine selection of dining. There are also numerous shopping destinations to be frequented although the retail centres to be found are not nearly as large a those in other areas. There are a number of local wineries that visitors can visit during various parts of the year, thus adding to the allure of the ares. Horse breeding also features prominently, as the nearby open fields are excellent for this practice.

Mornington can be considered a town whose income is partially based on the influx of tourists and visitors during the summer months, although the community itself is quite self-sufficient. There are a variety of schools that are located nearby and due to the fact that Mornington is linked to local communities and to Melbourne itself by three different highways, it remains quite well connected to the outside world.

From a real estate standpoint, retail centres and tourism are by far the most important considerations although venues such as a proposed gold course and a possible expansion of the existing yacht club may also prove quite lucrative from an investment point of view. It is predicted that Mornington will continue to enjoy a healthy real estate market due to these facts.
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