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Noble Park is a rather vibrant suburban district that is located approximately twenty-five kilometres southeast of the main business centre within Melbourne. With a population of just over twenty-six thousand inhabitants, it is considered a moderately large suburb. Noble Park is the home to a variety of industries and plays host to industrial, commercial and residential areas. Interestingly enough, this eclectic nature is also reflected in the unique population of the city. Noble Park contains one of the most diverse demographics in all of the greater Melbourne metropolitan area. Residents of this city come from such regions as Eastern Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa.

The town of Noble Park can trace its name to rather interesting roots. Unlike other suburbs located near Melbourne, Nobel Park was not officially incorporated until 1909. Originally, the land was actually used for testing explosives that had been invented by the famous Alfred Nobel (hence the name of the town, although the "Noble" spelling appeared to have been more popular at the time). Since the early part of the 20th century, growth was seen as being relatively slow and certain parts of the city became notorious for their gang activity.

While Noble Park was thought to have been one of the least desirable places to live only a few decades ago, urban renewal and gentrification projects have allowed it to enjoy a future "boom town" status. This is also partially due to the relatively low cost of residential housing and commercial development.

Outside investment has also increased during the past decade and includes both government-funded projects as well as private real estate firms. Many now believe that the next twenty years will herald a rebirth of Noble Park. This can be seen in the number of retail outlets springing up as well as cafes and convenience stores.
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