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Noosaville is a small suburban community located directly beside Noosa River. One of the most prominent landmarks in this town is Lake Weyba; thought by many locals to mean "place of stingrays" in the local Aboriginal dialect. According to the 2006 national census, Noosaville hold a population of roughly six thousand inhabitants. However, it is thought that the number of residents has increased since this time, although Noosaville has not experienced as much growth as some of the larger suburbs throughout Queensland.

Many of the attractive qualities of Noosaville are due to its natural habitat. In fact, Noosaville has a number of parks that attract visitors as well as the thriving local community. In particular, the summer months will often find tourists enjoying a dip in the nearby Noosa River or the aforementioned Lake Weyba. A number of local species of birds and waterfowl can also be seen to congregate in and around these bodies of water. Along with natural parks, Noosaville is also home to numerous government-regulated wetlands and preserves.

During the last twenty years, growing interest from outside communities has led to a number of retail centres becoming established in the area. One of the most notable is the Noosa Civic which serves Noosa and many surrounding locales. Additionally, there are a handful of fine restaurants that will cater to both local and international tastes. While Noosaville may not be considered as large of a tourist destination as other suburbs in Queensland, a considerable portion of its annual revenue will come from visitors.

From a real estate viewpoint, Noosaville is considered to be a town that is in rather low demand, although there have been a number of new residents in recent years. Still, it may be a long time before larger housing estates are warranted to accommodated this population.
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