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The picturesque coastal town of Redcliffe is situated just to the south of Brisbane and covers an area of just 38.1km2. Many of the areas of this tranquil town rise for more than twenty metres above sea level and offer stunning view points of the ocean and the area surrounding the town.

It takes around forty minutes to drive from Redcliffe to Brisbane, which makes the city an excellent day trip destination. The route to Brisbane takes motorists along the coast at there is plenty of stunning scenery to take in along the way. Of course, Redcliffe’s close proximity to Brisbane also makes this the perfect place for commuters to relocate to and the property prices are considerably lower in Redcliffe.

People are in search of high quality real estate will really be spoilt for choice in Redcliffe. The town offers plenty of ocean facing properties for home hunters to choose from, while charming suburbs such as Clontarf, Margate, Rothwell and Woody Point also offer plenty of great properties to choose from as well as plenty of amenities.

Redcliffe boasts a large number of interesting attractions and landmarks that people who are new to the town will want to take the time to explore. Visiting the Redcliffe Historical Society Museum is the perfect way to get a feel for the history and culture of Redcliffe, while people who cycle through the town will pass a large selection of harming old buildings and monuments

Soaking up the sun on one of Redcliffe’s tranquil beaches is the perfect activity for a sunny day. People who enjoy messing about in the water will also want to take a dip in Redcliffe’s beautiful lagoon, while enjoying a picnic in the park is a great way for families to relax together and get a real feel for Redcliffe.
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