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With a population of just under four thousand inhabitants, Rye is situated approximately eighty kilometres south the the capital city of Melbourne. While Rye may be considered a rather small village, its proximity to local beaches has allowed it to become quite popular with kite and windsurfers. Due to the fact that these beaches are not patrolled and located in a rather rural region of Victoria, this area is seen by many to be one of the more pristine tourist destinations in all of the province.

Like many towns in Victoria, Rye was originally incorporate in the latter part of the 19the century. Although population growth was initially slow, a natural presence of lime quarries allowed Rye to become well-known for the mining of this material. However, demand for this lime slackened as other quarries were soon opened up that were located in more convenient areas.

Presently, Rye can be considered a rather small community; its diminutive population only rising during the tourist months of summer. Notwithstanding its size, Rye offers several amenities to visitors that have all become quite popular. Two golf courses are located nearby and Rye hosts an Australian Rules football club. A summer carnival is held each year and this event proves popular to both native residents and tourists alike.

However, the main attractions are the aforementioned beaches; particularly enticing to those who prefer unsupervised locations. Due to this influx of tourists, there are a number of high-quality restaurants and retail outlets that are not located far from the shore.

From a real estate perspective, the most attractive aspects of Rye revolve heavily around the tourism industries. While there are no planned large-scale housing projects slated for the near future, many view Rye as a potentially lucrative investment opportunity for those who are involved in the retail and restaurant sectors.
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