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With a population of approximately fifteen thousand, Seaford is a town that is found thirty-six kilometres southeast of Melbourne. An interesting fact regarding Seaford is that its present-day location lies on former swamplands that had been used as a food source for local aboriginal peoples for hundred of years. Most of the wetlands were subsequently drained in the early part of the 20th century and thus, adequate sections of farmland were created.

The 1950s and 1960s witnessed an unprecedented level of growth, in part due to this town's proximity to nearby beaches and a comparative affordability in relation to other towns located nearby. This era also coincided with a number of public works projects being undertaken. A particular interest was in maintaining and protecting the nearby wetlands from further urban sprawl. In fact, many of the local reserves such as the Seaford Foreshore Reserve and the Seaford Wetlands are some of the largest uninterrupted tracts of wilderness left in the greater Melbourne area. There are also several walking and hiking trails that are located nearby.

In these modern times, Seaford is home to a variety of retail centres, but a sizable portion of the public interest seems to exist in local sports chapters. Seaford hosts football clubs, cricket organisations and a local rugby team. There are likewise many sports complexes and outdoor parks that will accommodate these activities.

Due to the fact that this town is embraced by a number of environmental protection areas, the chances for substantial suburban development are quite limited. However, Seaford's popularity amongst tourists has led to a burgeoning service industry and many real estate investors view Seaford as a potentially promising location for the introduction of larger retail centres and eateries. It is only expecte that this trend will only continue into the foreseeable future.

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