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Singleton is a rather population suburban area that is found upon the banks of the Hunter River. It is also quite remote from Sydney; nearly two hundred kilometres to the north. Still, this town has a population of over thirteen thousand residents. Its relative proximity to the coastline and the access to numerous train lines (both local and inter-city) have helped spur population growth in recent years.

Benjamin Singleton is said to be the founder of this town. It was first settled in the year 1820 and was the final stop of the Northern Railway line from Sydney until 1869. This terminus location also helped increase the population over time. One of the main attractions of Singleton is the fact that many of its original buildings are still intact. An example of such historic architecture can be viewed in the original courthouse that was erected as far back as 1841.

However, Singleton suffered major flooding damage in 1955 and a portion of these structures were lost. Thus, newer properties have now taken their place. The result of the flooding of the Hunter River was the construction of a large embankment that is designed to protect the town against any future incidences.

Singleton is supported by a number of important industries such as coal mining, agricultural production and horse breeding. This location is also known to be a large commercial center when considering its position far north of Sydney. This allows residents to enjoy a slightly above-average income. Local coal production is also thought to be a major contributing factor.

Singleton is a community that has been expanding over the past ten years, although there is some concern that with the advent alternative fuels, the demand for coal may slump in the future. While this would undoubtedly have drastic effects on the town's income, Singleton is still seen as a valuable real estate market.
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