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Truganina is situated on the fringes of Melbourne's growing urban expanse. It is located twenty-one kilometres west of the city's main business district and Truganina is considered to be one of the fastest-growing suburbs in greater Melbourne. While its population is number at around nine thousand inhabitants (as of the 2011 national census), this figure is expected to grow substantially into the near future. In fact, many analysts believe that by the year 2031, Truganina will boast a population of well over thirty-five thousand residents.

One of the main reasons that there is such a perceived population explosion is due to the fact that major transportation infrastructure such as rail and bus services are slated to increase dramatically in the coming years. While the majority of residents still rely on automobiles, this has not dissuaded an increasing number of individuals and families to choose Truganina as their place of residence. This has as much to do with the traditional suburban appeal as it does with many internal districts of Melbourne becoming increasingly overcrowded.

This growth is further spurred by a wide variety of affordable housing complexes located within the confines of this town. Furthermore, Truganina is located in close proximity to many major industrial complexes. In particular, these centres are located in Laverton and what is said to be a proposed business park that will be located near an air force base.

Thus, Truganina represents a valuable real estate opportunity for both buyers and developers. As with many growing urban areas, the retail and manufacturing sectors are seen as lucrative investments and with the further commercialisation of this location, a greater number of residents should more than accommodate any such real estate venture.

As the urban sprawl from the centre of Melbourne continues to encroach upon outlying areas, it is thought that Truganina will greatly benefit from such unprecedented growth.
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