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The residential suburb of Baldivis is situated just 46 kilometres from the heart of Perth and this is a popular place for those who work in the big city to live. There are excellent transportation links between Baldivis and Perth, making it possible to reach Perth’s central business district in half an hour or less.

Baldivis boasts a number of residential areas that are simply packed with real estate options. Areas such as Tuart Ridge, Settlers Hills and The Rivergums all offer a large number of property options, while there are also plenty of reasonably priced real estate options to be found in areas such as The Ridge, The Chase, Heritage Park and Highbury Park. The area known as Baldivis Town Centre offers the largest selection of amenities including plenty of shopping and dining opportunities such as the large and vibrant Baldivis Shopping Centre on Settlers Avenue.

Tamworth Hill is the highest point of Baldivis and this is a popular place for the town’s residents to gather to soak up the scenery. A number of beautiful beaches can also be found on the edge of the town and among the most popular stretches of sand that are situated just a short drive away from the heart of Baldivis are Warnbro Beach and Rockingham Beach. The waters here are ideal for practicing sports such as sailing, snorkelling and swimming, while people who enjoy activities such as crabbing and fishing should pay a visit to the nearby jetty.

The city of Rockingham is situated just 11kms from Baldivis and this makes a popular day trip destination among the residents of Baldivis. Nature lovers will want to take a trip to explore the picturesque Marapana Wildlife Park, while the enchanting Peel wine region is situated just a short drive to the south of Baldivis.

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You might be interested to know that the most popular number of rooms in Baldivis is 4, followed by 3 and 2.

Real Estate Agencies available in Baldivis with houses for rent are Executive Property Sales & Management, Mallison Real Estate and De Freitas & Ryan Rockingham.

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