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Brisbane is both the capital and most densely populated city in Australia and this interesting metropolis was established in 1824. Brisbane is home to around three million people, including several large expat communities, and the city covers an area of 5,949.9 km2.

The city is surrounded by the waters of the Brisbane River and features numerous large open spaces and picturesque parks. The city takes real pride in its appearance and people who choose to relocate to Brisbane will find a thriving city that boasts a youthful and lively atmosphere.

Brisbane plays host to a large number of annual events and festivals, which are the perfect occasions for new arrivals to make friends and soak up the city’s culture. There are also plenty of interesting historical sites just waiting to be discovered, including a charming 19th century Windmill, while nature lovers will want to take the time to explore natural attractions such as Botanic Gardens and the expansive reserve at Mount Coot-tha.

Brisbane is the ideal location for people who enjoy extreme sports, and skydiving, bushwalking and parasailing are all popular pursuits there. Other popular entertainment activities among residents of Brisbane include visiting the city’s spas and massage centers, dining out and shopping.

In addition to a large Central Business District, Brisbane also boasts several of enchanting suburbs, especially in the east of the city. These suburbs feature an excellent range of real estate options as well as plenty of amenities and some of the most popular suburbs in Brisbane include Oxley, Rocklea, Toowong and New Farm.

Brisbane boasts an extensive transportation network, which covers all of the main city as well as extending to most of the main suburbs. The city features several multi-campus colleges and universities, while Brisbane is also famous for its excellent healthcare system.

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