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Coffs Harbour

The picturesque town of Coffs Harbour boasts an attractive climate and stunning natural scenery complete with beautiful beaches and mountains. The area is home to around 50,000 people, which gives it a charming community feel, while there are also plenty of amenities and entertainment options here for residents to enjoy.

Chilling out on one of area’s three beautiful beaches is a popular activity here, while Coffs Harbour is also a great place to enjoy a spot of fishing. Park Beach is the most popular stretch of sand here, as it boasts excellent surf and plenty of amenities, while the waters that lap the sand of Jetty Beach are ideal for swimming in.

The Big Banana Theme Park can be found just three kilometres to the north of Coffs Harbour and is a popular attraction with both the town’s residents and visitors to the area. Nature lovers will also want to take the time to explore Dorrigo National Park, which features large areas of untouched rainforest.

While the centre of Coffs Harbour offers plenty of good real estate options, the houses and apartments that can be found in the suburbs are particularly attractive and affordable. The suburbs of Boamtree, Toormina and Red Hill feature several interesting residential areas, while people who are looking for beach front houses and apartments should check out the suburbs of Moonee Beach, Sapphire Beach, Diggers Beach and Park Beach.

The area surrounding Coffs Harbour is covered by pretty hinterland hills as well as mountains that are covered by forests, farms and banana plantations. Exploring this area either by car or on foot is an enchanting experience and new residents will be able to spend plenty of chilled out days getting to know this part of New South Wales.

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