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The charming suburb of Hawthorn is situated just six kilometres from the heart of the city of Melbourne. A large number of people who work in the big city choose to live in Hawthorn, as the real estate market is particularly healthy here and there are plenty of excellent options, will property prices also tend to be much cheaper in Hawthorn than they are in the heart of Melbourne.

There are excellent public transportation connections between Hawthorn and Melbourne and commuters can choose to travel to the city by bus, train or private vehicle. It takes less than fifteen minutes to drive to Melbourne’s central business district, which is ideal both for commuters and people who want to go on a shopping spree.

However, Hawthorn also has plenty of shops and other amenities of its own for residents to make use of. Glenferrie Road is one of Hawthorn’s main shopping areas and residents will find two large supermarkets here as well as several speciality shops and chain stores. Areas such as Church Street, Power Street and Auburn Street are also great places to go on a shopping spree while spending time in the town of Hawthorn. People who want to browse for bargains should also pay a visit to the Hawthorn Craft Market, which is held on the first Sunday of every month.

Hawthorn is often celebrated for the number of restaurants that it contains. Food lovers will really be in their element here and the range of restaurants just waiting to be tried reflect the town’s ethnic diversity. This part of Australia attracts emigrants from all over the world, and a number of local festivals are also held throughout the year to celebrate Hawthorn’s ethnic diversity and help make new residents feel part of the community.

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