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Melbourne is Australia’s second city, and this cosmopolitan metropolis covers an area of 9,990 km2. Melbourne is famous for its wide range of cultural attractions, and residents will be able to enjoy a wide range of festivals and events throughout the year that are dedicated to the arts. In addition to offering a whole host of interesting attractions such as the Princess Theatre, St Paul’s Cathedral and Parliament House, Melbourne is one of Australia’s most liveable cities and the suburbs offer plenty of excellent properties for people to choose from.

People who choose to relocate to the city of Melbourne will be able to experience the full range of seasons. The weather in spring and autumn is typically cool and dry, while the city offers hot and humid summers and pleasantly cold winters. The city’s public transportation is fast and efficient, with a free city circle tram network covering all of the main attractions in the Central Business District.

Melbourne extends around the picturesque Port Philip Bay, and home seekers will find an excellent range of different types of real estate options to choose from in this section of the city. To the east are the stunning foothills of the Dandenongs, while pretty plains run to the west of Melbourne.

Melbourne features a large number of enchanting tree lined streets, which are ideal neighbourhoods in which to raise a family. The houses here are typically neo-classical or colonial and houses tend to be large and spacious, while a number of modern apartment blocks have also sprung up across the city in recent years.

The suburb of St Kilda is one of Melbourne’s most popular residential areas and this charming suburb boasts beautiful beaches as well as plenty of dining and shopping opportunities. Other popular residential suburbs include Vermont South, Melton and Casey.

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