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Ocean Grove

The pretty seaside town of Ocean Grove is situated on the Bellarine Peninsula and is home to around 12,000 people. Home hunters who are looking for enchanting ocean facing properties will really be spoilt for choice in Ocean Grove, while a wide range of more modest properties can also be found close to the heart of the town.

The town is blessed with a beautiful beach, which is a popular place for the residents of Ocean Grove to gather on sunny days. In addition to providing plenty of areas of golden sand for sun worshippers to spread out on, the waters that lap the sand also offer excellent surfing opportunities, while people who enjoy other types of water sports such as sailing and swimming are sure to be in their element.

Ocean Grove boasts the largest shopping centre in the whole of the Bellarine Peninsula. This large shopping zone is situated just a few blocks from Ocean Grove’s beach and offers a wide range of exciting shopping opportunities that residents are sure to love.

The large and lovely Ocean Grove Nature Reserve is just waiting to be explored by people who have a love for the Great Outdoors. This area of pristine woodland features a number of excellent walking trails and is also home to a wide range of flora and fauna.

A number of interesting wineries can be found on the outskirts of Ocean Grove and many of the largest establishments are open to the public. Wine lovers will be able to take a tour of the family run Banks Road Vineyard, which includes the chance to sample several different types of locally produced wine. Residents will also be able to take a trip to the pretty resort town of Barwon Head, which can be found just a short drive from Ocean Grove.

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