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Russell Island

This wonderful island is as far from city life as you can imagine, yet so close to Brisbane and the Gold Coast that it is possible to commute. Russell Island is eight kilometres long and almost three kilometres wide and is one of the most beautiful and friendly places you could ever wish to visit or live.

From the moment you step off the ferry you will be greeted by friendly faces as you wander along the High Street. There are speciality shops, a swimming pool and a supermarket, which has made a huge difference to people who are lucky enough to live there. Visit the Saturday market and enjoy bacon, eggs and coffee supplied by the local Ladies Lions Club.

As you look out over the water, you will see many different types of boats passing by. The sky will provide its own entertainment as you watch the eagles, kites and hawks enjoying the thermal currents. Listen to the calls and catch a glimpse of the beautiful plumage of the cockatoos, galahs and lorikeets. The climate is mild and there is always a gentle breeze to refresh you.

This is the perfect place to set up home, whether you are planning your retirement or want somewhere wonderful and safe for your children to grow. Russell Island is virtually self-sufficient as there are builders, plumbers and electricians who have made their home there. Property prices are still very affordable as the island is yet to be fully discovered. It is still possible to find property for sale ranging from $155,000 to $500,000 for a 2 to 6 bed house.

Russell island – so close to the city of Brisbane and yet a million miles away with its tranquil laid-back lifestyle. Truly a place to be enjoyed and cherished.

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