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The port city of Warnambool has a population of around 35,000 people and boasts a vibrant central business district. The city has been extensively renovated in recent years and features numerous different schools for residents with children to choose between as well as excellent shopping zones, churches and hospitals.

The central business district is surrounded by eleven charming suburbs, each of which offers plenty of amenities as well as a range of good real estate options. The suburbs of West Warrnambool, Sherwood Park, Dennington and Allansford are particularly popular with house hunters are there are plenty of affordable property options to choose from in all of these suburbs.

Flagstaff Hill offers stunning views of Warrnambool as well as a range of attractions and amenities. The Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum is a good place to learn all about the city’s history, while this is also the location of a large replica maritime village. Other local attractions of interest include Lake Pertobe, the Foreshore area and Tower Hill.

The large and lovely Warrnambool Botanic Gardens can be found on the edge of the city’s central business district and feature well-planned wide curving paths as well as a number of rare trees, a pretty lily pond, a rotunda and a fernery. The Warrnambool Botanic Gardens were designed by the local architect William Guilfoyle and is a great place to chill out on a sunny day.

The gorgeous stretch of sand known as Logans Beach is a popular place for the residents of Warrnambool to work on their suntans on hot days. On the edge of the beach is a viewing platform where visitors can stand and attempt to spot shoals of Southern Right whales as they move to special breeding grounds located close to the shore.

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