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Kallangur is a rather populous suburban community that is located north of Brisbane. As of the 2006 national census, this town has a population of nearly sixteen thousand residents, although this figure will have certainly approached twenty thousand of even more in the past few years. Local records show that this land was at one time owned by a Mrs. Griffin who then ceded the area to a Scottish migrant named Thomas Petrie. The name "Kallangur" is derived from the word for "good place" in the Aboriginal tongue.

One of the benefits that Kallangur experienced during the latter half of the 19th century was its proximity to the main road that connected Brisbane to the Redcliffe Peninsula. This caused a considerable amount of growth to take place until the construction of the Houghton Highway bridge during the first half of the 1930s. Although growth was seen to slightly stagnate during the postwar period, there has been a more recent trend towards the construction of numerous housing projects to accommodate a greater influx of residents from Brisbane and other southern areas of Queensland. Due to traffic congestion in the area, a highway bypass has been proposed that will be located nearby Kallangur. However, this project has yet to be approved.

Kallangur is considered to be a location that boasts a medium-income population. The induction of several housing developments signals that this town is indeed seeing a further growth in its population. This phenomenon is not particular to Kallangur alone; many areas outside of Brisbane are experiencing a similar 21st century boom as residents seek life away from city centers. As the commercial and retail districts of Kallangur grow, so it is presumed that median income levels will rise and thus, the real estate market will also prove to be an attractive opportunity for the younger generation.

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