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Melton South

This suburban location is found nearly thirty-five kilometres southwest of the city of Melbourne and according to the latest census (taken in 2011), Melton South hosts a population of approximately nine thousand residents. As such, it is one of the smaller towns within what is considered the greater metropolitan area of Melbourne. In fact, this can be reflected in the fact that it was not until the year 1917 that South Melton was first given a post office and a postal code. Even during this time, the entire region was still rather sparsely populated. It was not until the Melton Train Station was constructed that residents from Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs began to populate this region.

Presently, Melton South is considered to be a suburb that will experience a substantial amount of growth into the near future. This is partially due to the construction of two separate shopping districts in the town centre and the introduction of a number of larger chain names such as Cole's Supermarkets. While the housing prices are observed to be slightly below the standard for the rest of the region (approximately $220,000 Australain Dollars), this market is still not as in demand as other localities.

Still, there are a number of housing developments that are now in the latter phases of construction and a great deal of outside real estate investment has already flowed into Melton South. The main impetus behind these actions is the belief of many realtors and developers that Melton South will attract new families and those seeking a more residential life as the nearby city of Melbourne continues to expand. While older families and couples currently occupy the majority of this town, it is thought that a younger generation of homeowners will represent a larger percentage of this demographic in the years to come.

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