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Ayr is a rather remote local town located on the northeastern coastline of Queensland. It lies approximately eighty-eight kilometres outside of Townsville and two hundred and ninety kilometres away from the more urbanised city of Bowden. Ayr was titles after the Scottish town of the same name, as a good portion of initial residents hailed from this country. As of the last estimate, the population of Ayr is said to be approximately six thousand.

Ayr can be thought of as a rather prototypical small town in Australia. It contains an adequate commercial centre, numerous retail shops, a bowling alley, cinemas and no less than six pubs. Also, Ayr has several primary schools, a Catholic school and a Christian college. There is a local hospital that is used to treat a variety of non-life threatening conditions although those who are in serious danger will be transported by helicopter to more adequate facilities.

Although the commercial sector of Ayr is not considerably large, there are currently a number of real estate opportunities for those who wish to buy or let a residence. Most of these are in the form of standalone properties and are amenably priced; slightly lower than the provincial average. This is primarily due to the comparatively remote location of Ayr as opposed to larger suburbs. This is also influenced by the fact that at the present, the town has no public transport systems (although there is a railway station to provide travel to Brisbane and Cairns).

Ayr is a rather low-growth area at the present time. Its real estate market revolves more around buying or renting property than it does on the construction of new housing complexes. Still, with continued population expansion away from urban centers, Ayr may very well experience an increase in residency rates in the future.
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