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The suburb of Brunswick is located in the capital city of Victoria known as Melbourne. As of the 2011 census, Brunswick had a population of just over twenty-two thousand inhabitants and is one of the most active and diverse cities in Victoria. Boasting a history that reaches back when it was first incorporated in the 1830's, Brunswick is now considered to be a centre of both commerce and the arts; particularly music such as jazz and the blues. As there are numerous public facilities and educational centres, this suburb is considered to be quite ideal for families with children.

Brunswick is also noted for one of the most efficient and up-to-date transport systems in all of Melbourne. There are numerous metro and railway services connecting this suburb to the rest of Melbourne as well as greater Victoria. As Brunswick is notably flat, a great deal of sports and outdoor activities such as cycling and running are popular and due to its rather temperate climate, many of these can be enjoyed throughout the year. Also, numerous open public spaces such as Clifton Park and Gilpin Park present this suburb as one of the most open and inviting in Melbourne.

As Brunswick possesses these aforementioned benefits, the real estate market can be considered to be rather lucrative; both apartments and houses are for sale in the centre and the surrounding areas. Many of these properties are somewhat new in construction and display some of the most striking contemporary designs. Additionally, Brunswick is thought to be one of the areas in Victoria that is in high demand regarding purchasing and renting real estate properties. What is perhaps most positive is that the majority of new homeowners represent a younger generation. This is one of the primary reasons why many feel that Brunswick will continue to enjoy a great deal of popularity into the foreseeable future.
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