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Essendon is a suburban district of Victoria that is located roughly ten kilometres northwest of the main business district of Melbourne. According to the national Australia census that was taken in 2011, Essendon currently hosts a population of just under nineteen thousand residents.

One notable aspect of this region is that it is said to have been first charted as far back as 1803. This has allowed the area to be one of the earliest known regions in all of Victoria. Still, it was not until the famous gold rush of the 1850s that Essendon began to grow as a small municipality. Its earliest discernible roots can be traced back to the year 1862 when a total of one hundred and sixty-nine residents called for this location to be incorporated under the name of Essendon.

During the latter part of the 19th century, residents resisted the trend of industrialisation in favour of traditional cattle farming and presently, farming is still an important part of the economic infrastructure of Essendon. During the 20th century, Essendon became further integrated to surrounding locales by highway, rail and tram services and these have allowed a number of retail centres to open up within its confines. Thus, we have likewise seen a notable growth in its population since the period following the Second World War.

Due to the phenomenon of urban sprawl alone and Essendon's distance of a mere twelve kilometres from the centre of Melbourne, many realtors consider this area to be a profitable marketplace that is conducive to a further influx of residents into the future. The retail market is also thought to be quite strong and a number of major chain outlets have entered into the area in recent years. While not boasting a massive amount of growth, Essendon is still one of the most reputable real estate markets in the greater metropolitan area.
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