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Burpengary is a suburban community located approximately thirty-five miles outside of Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. This strange name is said to be derived from an Aboriginal term that signifies "place of the green wattle". The main and only river that runs through this region is known as the Burpengary Creek. This water source was one of the first reasons that settlers chose to inhabit this area as far back as the latter part of the 19th century.

The origins of Burpengary are seen to be quite different from many other suburban communities, as Burpengary was first designed to be nothing more than a truck stop. This was due to the fact that it is located n the M1 highway just north of Brisbane. While the town has obviously flourished since this time, although the stop and an additional weight station are still functional.

Burpengary is mainly a low- to middle-class blue collar community; many of its residents commuting to and from Brisbane on a daily basis. These inhabitants are predominantly employed by service and labour industries. This has also allowed local housing prices to remain rather amenable and slightly lower than the regional average.

However, the growth of Burpengary is seen to mirror other suburban communities around Brisbane; namely their expansion into the retail and commercial sectors. This phenomenon is driven by a growth in retail districts as well as a number of proposed housing developments throughout the area. Also, pressure on transportation infrastructures such as railways and highways has seen to be indicative of this predicted growth.

This has allowed Burpengary to earn the title of the fastest-expanding residential areas within Moreton Bay and much of the Brisbane metropolitan area. While this perceived increase may still be a few years off, many realtors view Burpengary to be quite a lucrative region for investment.
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