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Canning Vale is a large suburban district located approximately twenty kilometres from the central business district of Perth, Western Australia. Boasting a population of just over thirty thousand people, Canning Vale is one of the most densely inhabited regions in the Perth metropolitan district. However, this area was known as North Jandakot until the year 1925. Until the 1970s, Canning Vale remained a largely rural area that was undeveloped and sparsely populated. This was partially due to its characteristically swampy conditions. Still, such an environment has made it ideal for dairy farming. In fact, it was not until 1994 that large-scale development began; mainly consisting of residential housing estates.

Presently, this town still caters to lower and middle income residents and most live in standalone houses as opposed to apartment blocks. Canning Vale also contains no less than five different retail districts. There are numerous primary and secondary schools; most of which were opened in the mid- to late 1990s. One of the most well-known, if not slightly out-of-place structures is the famous Sikh temple that is located within the city centre. This temple is quite indicative of the religious diversity to be found within the town.

Canning Vale has proven to be quite a popular area for those looking to buy or rent property. When considering real estate values, this suburb offers median prices in comparison to other locations in Western Australia. One signal that the population may be again on the rise is due to the fact that over one-quarter of residents are younger families as opposed to mature couples. This is most likely due to the amenable prices alongside large parks, numerous educational facilities and a booming retail district. Proximity to local transport hubs including highways and bus services will further enable an influx of residents who work elsewhere to live here.
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