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The town of Inverell can be considered a rather remote area and its distance from major urban centres will reinforce this fact. Inverell is located approximately six hundred kilometres north of Sydney, four hundred kilometres southwest of Brisbane and sixty-seven kilometres west of Glen Innes. The name Inverell is said to be of Gaelic origins and as of the last census that was taken in 2011, this town had a population just exceeding eleven thousand inhabitants (thus allowing it to be one of the more populous towns located significantly outside of major urban centers).

One of the primary reasons that Inverell was initially settled was due to its rich soils that were ideal for agricultural production. The first plot of land was sold in 1859 and a local post office was opened during the same year. Diamonds were also mined in this area; many found within alluvial deposits in local rivers. Also, sapphire, tin and zinc are found around Inverell. Sapphires are particularly widespread here and these gemstones have added to the revenue generation of the area. Still, this town is heavily based upon agricultural production.

Most of the real estate options available are in the form of standalone homes and acreage; some plots of land equating to hundreds of hectares. However, this market is currently thought of as being in rather low demand. This situation may be seen as a result of a dedicated train line to the town having closed in 1987. Since this time, the only travel (besides automobile) is accomplished by means of Inverell Airport. This has obviously had a notable effect on the amount of new residents entering.

Still, the housing prices are amenable and for those who are interested in purchasing large tracts of land, Inverell may certainly be considered an attractive option for future development.
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