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Mount Martha is a rather affluent suburban district that is located fifty-nine kilometres from the main business district of Melbourne, Victoria. Similar to many other townships in this region, Mount Martha's origins stem back to the 1840s at which time it was a predominantly farming community. This town has a population of approximately seventeen thousand residents and the name was derived from the the wife of colonist William Londsdale. A nearby high point that is one hundred and sixty metres above sea level goes by the name Mount Martha. During this time, the Martha Hotel was also constructed for passers-by and is now used as a local community centre.

Mount Martha is quite popular amongst residents and tourists alike due to its proximity to Port Philip Bay. This has allowed for a significant amount of commercial and retail development to take place throughout the region. The open nature of Mount Martha in relation to the urban districts of Melbourne also enables it to be popular for many outdoor activities. Sports play a dominant role in local life and Mount Martha is equipped with no less than four football pitches, a large golf course, seaside nature preserves and a considerable number of parks.

Some portions of this suburban area have witnessed a significant influx of residents that had begun in the 1990s and continued to the present. In particular, the southern portion of this community has proven to be quite popular for families. In terms of real estate prices, most houses are considered to be listed as slightly higher than those found in other suburbs within the greater Melbourne metropolitan area. Younger families are thought to be on the rise in the area; due to a number of educational facilities and the open environment that Mount Martha will provide for children.
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